Introducing The Landing: A Launch Letter from Our Founders


Over a year ago, we found ourselves sitting in a grad school classroom, brainstorming a vision for a company that would make creating space easy. We explored everything from what made moving painful, to what made designing with roommates difficult, to how to find brands that aligned with your values. We spent long days moving furniture, long nights sketching a better designing process, and long afternoons planning what would make creating space delightful, all with the goal of launching a new way to furnish your home space: The Landing.

Today, we’re excited to make that vision a reality and introduce you to The Landing! 


The Landing is an end-to-end home furnishing platform that enables you to design, discover, collaborate and check-out, all in one place. Whether it’s your first time designing or you’re a pro, we provide as much or as little support as you need. 

You can think of The Landing as your ‘design-y best friend. We know how important it is to have a second opinion, and how a little guidance can go a long way. From personalized content like our Dear Landing series, to a human Support Team available to live chat with you when you’re designing, we provide content and design support, every step of the way. 

At the core of The Landing is our online, collaborative design tool. We’re committed to keeping this tool 100% free - anyone can design, envision, explore and execute their vision for an inspiring space. With The Landing, gone are the days of opening up multiple tabs and attempting to compare furniture side by side. Within our tool, you can design with multiple brands at once with items that appear proportionally sized, and see how everything looks together.

We know that often, you want to create space, together. Our collaborator function allows you to add your roommate, partner, family member, or trusted friend as a collaborator into your workspace so you can design together. Our in-workspace chat function allows you to send messages to each other, as well as reach out to The Landing Support Team for additional design or logistics support. 

Through our tool, you can discover your next favorite piece in our curated marketplace. In a home furnishing market that is traditionally dominated by behemoth brands, we help you find inspiring brands and makers that align with your design sensibilities and personal values. We’re excited to launch with so many brands we admire like Floyd, Article, Revival Rugs, Inside Weather and more - and are working to add new brands weekly.

Lastly, one of the original problems we set out to solve was the frustration around physically moving. The Landing offers single cart checkout so you can purchase all your items at once, and for an extra fee, single-day delivery so everything from couches to rugs to lamps show up all in one two-hour window. Our checkout feature also enables you to save items for later, so you can purchase your new pieces over time.

The Landing exists to empower creativity; we’re here to help you realize your own vision and not impose an off-the-shelf design you’ve seen everywhere. One of our core beliefs is that diverse spaces are creative spaces. We are excited to launch with a supplier brand base that is ~25% female-owned, ~15% PoC-owned, especially given the make-up of current home furnishing market, which is dominated by white- and/or male-owned businesses. However, we still have significant work to do. As such, we are committing to the 15% pledge of having 15% of our brands be Black-owned businesses, by the end of the year. In addition, we will be applying an intersectional lens to our existing environmental and sustainability goals, one that advocates for the protection of both people and our planet. To read more on our commitment to racial equity, check out the Founder Letter we posted last week.

Even without the effects of COVID-19, we believe the shopping experience, especially in the home furnishing market, is changing. Online shopping has been optimized around conversion -- but home furnishing shopping, in real life, is often more about engagement. 

In the physical world, furniture shopping is collaborative, social, and interactive, whether it’s making one’s way through the maze of IKEA or exploring boutique design shops. However, online, home shopping is an all-but-a pure search category. Endless choices are primarily filtered on price or convenience (e.g., Wayfair), or alternatively, a “full service” design tool that removes all decision-making from the consumer (e.g., E-design services). We believe consumers crave something different:  a more personalized experience that allows them to drive the design process and collaborate with friends, but also offers personalized feedback - from design recommendations to a vote of confidence that multiple items look good together - collaboration with friends. And so, we built it The Landing. 

We’re so excited to finally share The Landing with you today, and to keep building it, together.  We can’t wait to help you take your first step on your design journey. If you have any feedback, questions or just want to say hi, reach out to us at, via social at IG @thelandinghome, or directly in your workspace chat after you start your account. 

Yours in #CreatingSpace,

Ellie and Miri