Meet Miri & Ellie, Co-Founders of The Landing


Today on the blog, in advance of our launch on June 30th, we’re excited to introduce you to our co-founders, Ellie and Miri, and the story of how The Landing came to be. 

Meet Ellie: 

Our co-founder and CEO, Ellie Buckingham, has always moved seamlessly from right brain to left brain, creative to strategic. A “lifetime generalist,” Ellie has always found ways to combine business with art. As an undergrad at Dartmouth, Ellie double-majored in Economics and Studio Art. Right out of college, she spent her days on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs and her nights in her painting studio (which conveniently doubled as her tiny, New York City apartment’s kitchen). 

Though Ellie spent nearly eight years on the East Coast, she’s a Californian at heart. Growing up in the Bay Area, she was inspired both by the nature and colors of Northern California, and spent time surrounded by design as the daughter of an architect. That environment instilled a fascination with how spaces affect people at a young age -- a question that she more seriously started exploring when she left New York for Stanford Business School in 2017. 

Meet Miri: 

Our co-founder and COO, Miri Buckland, has always had a love of tackling complex problems, creating experiences, and building systems. Growing up in London and now residing in California, Miri has moved around a ton, both here and abroad. Each move has given her a deep appreciation for the impact that creating your own space can have, especially in new environments.  

As an undergraduate at Oxford, Miri studied Economics and became interested in how businesses have impact, not just through practical products, but through experiences and content that bring joy into a customer’s everyday life. That interest brought her into Media, where she worked in Corporate Strategy at Sky TV. Though at a large corporation, her experience looked akin to what one might have at a start-up; Miri did everything from partnerships, to product launches and M&A, to data and operations. Inspired by the start-up world, she moved across the pond to study in the heart of Silicon Valley - at Stanford. 

Ellie, meet Miri - Miri, meet Ellie:

In September 2017, the two met on a business school roadtrip to Southern California, where they became fast friends and Miri, notably, had her first In-N-Out burger. Back and forth on the long drive, Ellie and Miri began discussing the process of moving and furnishing their rooms. Miri was the perennial mover: a customer in need. Ellie was the quintessential advice giver: the go-to “design-y best friend.” As they traded stories and pain points, they quickly found themselves trying to figure out a better way to furnish and design space. Over the next few hours, they discovered their shared love of problem solving - an endless curiosity for why things didn’t work, and how to make them better - and a shared passion for magical customer experiences, turning something that’s traditionally painful into something joyful. The idea that would then become The Landing, was born. 

Meet The Landing

Within months, Ellie and Miri found themselves diving into the customer problem, both in and out of the classroom. From spending afternoons with clipboards at IKEA, to countless sessions spent brainstorming and interviewing, they discovered that the desire to create and personalize space was not unique to them. Days working together quickly turned into weeks, then months, and the two found complementary skill sets, Ellie’s creative thinking combined with Miri’s systems-orientation, and similar values: eternal optimism, grit, EQ over ego, and making empathetic team building a priority. 

With support of professors and resources both from Stanford Business School and Stanford’s, the hub for innovation, product design, and design thinking at Stanford, Ellie and Miri started prototyping different solutions to the moving and furnishing problem. Through their beta run in SF the summer of 2019, they ran the end-to-end furnishing process, from designing customers’ spaces to literally building and moving over 200 pieces of furniture. 

In the months since then, they’ve built out the team, signed on inspiring suppliers and further developed the product, so we can finally start creating space, together. We’re so excited to share more about what Ellie & Miri have built when we launch The Landing next week. Head to our homepage to sign-up for the waitlist and get early access to our tool. 

Can’t wait to start #CreatingSpace with you!