The Landing Story

We started with a simple question — why is the process of furnishing so difficult for our generation? Why is creating a cohesive space filled with loved items so challenging, and so seemingly unattainable? We looked around and couldn’t find an end-to-end solution that approached the problem from a human perspective, so we decided to solve it ourselves. The Landing was born from our belief that spaces are innately personal, and that the process of creating them should be equally heartfelt.

We are self-admittedly obsessed with the emotional side of the furnishing process. This thing that starts out with hope, excitement and anticipation so frequently ends in distress and frustration. But why? To find out, we spent the past summer physically moving our beta customers into their apartments, providing every component of our service ourselves including but not limited to design, logistics management, truck driving, and furniture building. But mostly we listened extremely closely to everything our customers said, and what they didn’t say… when their eyebrows raised in concern, or when they ‘secretly’ took a sneak peak photo to text to their friend in excitement. We experienced with them firsthand the emotional journey that is creating a space.

Our generation is moving more frequently than any before us, but we don’t want to be rootless indefinitely. We might be putting off marriage, buying a home, and settling down until later… but that doesn’t mean on our 8th flight of the month we don’t dream of coming home to a place that actually feels like home. Not hotel home, not a friend’s home, but home home. We believe that our physical spaces matter, and that they are deeply personal. They are the physical manifestation of our internal monologue, our respite from the digital world, and the center of our rooted sense of place. They are also inherently communal, and meant to be shared.

Somewhere along the line our generation lost the idea of creating a ‘home life’. We didn’t take ‘home ec’, we missed the generational transfer of home-making knowledge, and in the flurry of personal ambition exerted outside our four walls never quite took the time to appreciate what we might be giving up inside them. We’re here to rewrite the rules on home-making, one heartfelt space at a time.

See you in 2020.

Ellie & Miri