Our Values


We aim to empower everyone to tap into their creativity, and to find joy in the process. When given the opportunity to personalize your space, with a unique breadth of choice and support, we believe that you can’t go wrong.  

When we say “creating space, together” we truly mean that creativity and design are collaborative processes. Personal, yes, but not lonely. We built The Landing to help us find community through the design experience. 

The 5 values outlined below are central to everything that we do - internally, and externally. At The Landing, we are dedicated to living and breathing what we stand for, both at our HQ, and at every touchpoint that you - as a customer - interact with us, our platform, and our product offerings. 



1. Empower excellence with empathy

We empower our customers’ creativity through our design tool and support team. We foster a culture of professional development to empower our team, while holding ourselves to the highest standards across everything that we do.   

2. Diverse spaces are creative spaces

At The Landing, we create space for diverse perspectives. We value diversity in our suppliers, team, and ways we operate as a team for many reasons, including that it builds a flywheel of creativity. 

3. Create space for joy

We believe that life is too short for sh**ty people and bad attitudes. Our design tool is FUN! It’s as much about the process of designing collaboratively, the joy of discovery, and the ownership of design as it is about purchasing furniture and decor. Internally, we make space for celebrating each other and creating joy as a team. 

4. Build for long-term sustainability

We’re focused on team building, personal growth and development, culture, and training. We value long-term customer relationships, and we partner with suppliers producing high quality, sustainable products with a view toward reducing furniture landfill. 

5. Do, share, listen, and learn

Our team is action oriented, and highly focused on collaboration. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, so we are committed to empowering our customers and employees to take initiative, go for it, and make it happen - whether that’s creating a dream space on our platform, or learning a new skill. 

We hope that these values resonate with you, and inspire you to go out and create some space in your life for creativity, joy, empathy, and to continue to work towards building a more sustainable, diverse and inclusive future. 

We’d love to hear about all the ways that you’re #CreatingSpace in your life.  Let us know @thelandinghome or via writing at dearlanding@thelandinghome.com


Yours in #CreatingSpace,

The Landing Team