Partner Brand Spotlight: Revival Rugs


One-of-a-kind vintage rugs. A smooth, transparent buying process. Affordable prices. Revival Rugs is changing the game in vintage rugs. Through their network of Turkish artisans, they find the diamonds in the rough, eliminate steep markups, and capture the sense of discovery that comes from shopping a bazaar. 

We sat down with Ben Hyman, the CEO and co-founder of our Oakland-based neighbors, Revival Rugs, to learn a little bit more about why #CreatingSpace is important to him - check it out below: 

The Landing: What inspired you to start Revival Rugs? 

Ben: Like many businesses, it started from a personal pain point. A few years ago my wife Amber and I were outfitting our apartment with a new rug. We had just moved Oakland and our wooden floors were bare. We thought finding a new rug would be a fun process, but it quickly turned into a stressful buying experience. Everywhere we looked for a rug — whether in person or online — there was a general lack of transparency, unreasonable prices, and poor-quality machine-made replicas. We didn’t have the money to spend thousands on the handmade rugs we loved, but we also didn’t want to settle for something inferior.

With a can-do spirit, we immersed ourselves in a product we grew to deeply love. We sought out partners, artisans, and collaborators to help us learn the ins and outs of rug design, hand-construction, and history. And now we get to pass this knowledge (and these rugs) onto our customers.

The Landing: Favorite piece in your assortment, and why? 

Ben: I’m a big fan of the Rojda rug from our Elemental Collection (I have it in my home). It’s a handknotted shag rug with a beige base, tribal orange geometric patterns as motifs, and cornflower blue trim. The color combination makes me feel happy, and the whole Elemental Collection is incredibly well-made.



The Landing: How has COVID changed your perspective on space and home? 

Ben: We’re spending much more time at home. We have a 2 bedroom townhouse and 2 young kids so you have to make the most of every nook. Our home is now our workspace, our living and play space, our everything space. So in my case, we’re investing more in those spaces. It’s tough to take a weekend trip these days, so we have to make home feel peaceful and comfortable. In my case, my wife and I have devoted additional time to picking new furniture and selecting rugs to transform the look and feel of various rooms in the house. 

The Landing: What are you looking forward to about working with The Landing? 

We love the Landing offering because it brings people and brands together in one platform, and allows customers to communicate with each other as friends. This sort of social interaction is what drives good, creative decision making for homegoods, and a platform that facilitates that that sort of interaction didn’t exist before. We’re excited to be a part of that journey with The Landing!

The Landing: Favorite thing or space in your own home? Why? 

Ben: We have a small deck off of our kitchen and I enjoy spending time on it in the evenings. It’s nice to be outdoors with a glass of wine, near home’s comforts. 

The Landing: What does #CreatingSpace mean to you?

It means building spaces that imbue a feeling of wellbeing, spark creativity, and make you smile. 


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Yours in #CreatingSpace,

The Landing Team