Partner Brand Spotlight: Tackussanu Senegal


In 2019 Jasz Dio and Cheikh Biaye founded Tackussanu Senegal by combining their passions of beautiful handmade basket goods and empowering women. Highlighting female Senegalese artisans and their handmade goods, each basket is handmade by women in the rural areas of Senegal, using the “coiling” technique - a process that uses local grown grass and recycled plastic. And best of all, their colorful palettes are anything but ordinary!

We sat down with the founders to learn a little bit more about why #CreatingSpace is important to them - check it out below: 

The Landing: What inspired you to start Tackussanu Senegal? 

Jasz - I really wanted something that could benefit other women and my 3 daughters. I had challenges in life like most people, but being a woman of color raising daughters, I really wanted them to have a sense of stability. I know that a lot of makers are women - especially in Senegal - and they are not offered the same opportunities as myself. Tackussanu Senegal was created to help change that. 

Cheikh - I always wanted a business. Tackussanu Senegal gave me the opportunity to create jobs for others, and also give back to my community. I say this because Senegal is my birth place.

The Landing: Favorite piece in your assortment, and why? 

Jasz - I love all the baskets that have names or nicknames of our family members, shockingly they are the best seller items like the Coumba after Cheikh's mom!

Cheikh - Coumba is my favorite piece, its sophisticated basket that is functional in any space in the home, but has luxurious accents of leather. This basket is named after my mother.

The Landing: How has COVID changed your perspective on space and home? 

Jasz - since COVID, I’ve loved to refresh the space often since we’re spending so much time at home. We have done projects to bring our rooms to life maybe just by painting a wall or using a large teranga basket to store items. 

Cheikh - COVID has helped me be more creative with the details of the design process. I’ve been using pieces that I make, and seeing how functional our items are for use in our customers homes.



The Landing: What are you looking forward to about working with The Landing? 

Jasz - I love that The Landing gives everyone the tools to design a space, and really takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out how our baskets would look in your home.

Cheikh -  I love the idea that everyone can be their own designer and be able to see the items in a live setting.

The Landing: Favorite thing or space in your own home? Why? 

Jasz - I love our office space. We have 2 walls painted with our logo colors. It's a room that has so many possibilities because we create in this room - my daughters help with the creative process a lot, it’s great. 

Cheikh - my bedroom. I have a lot of big windows and a lot of natural light in my room. I spend more time in my room because of this.

The Landing: What does #CreatingSpace mean to you?

Jasz - creating space is more than decor; it’s about allowing opportunities to flourish, and creating more space to allow other Artisan works to be seen and to be enjoyed. As long we keep that mantra it will keep us inspired!

Cheikh - creating space means giving life to a space. Since we’ve been spending so much more time in our homes, creating space gives me the ability to think clearly, stay inspired and get creative.


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Yours in #CreatingSpace,

The Landing Team